Next Meeting: No official club meeting is planned for the month of September. However if someone would like to have a star party during the month, please contact me, and we will see if we can put something together. This month may be actually a great time to do some planet and Moon viewing.

The next official meeting will be in October.

~Clear Skys, Todd

Time:  Telescope set up at 7:00pm,  Meeting at 7:30 pm.
Location: Diane’s

What’s-Up: TBD

Presentation: What’s Behind Door Number 3? – Todd

Notes:   There are now five members able to operate the 16″ Orion telescope:  Peri Cline, Felix Brandt, Ken Cotter, Diane Mason, and Todd Longfellow. If interested, please see one of us for lessons on its operation at the next meeting.  If you would like to reserve the clubs 16″ for any of the upcoming meetings, or other nights,  please let Todd or Diane know.  We will add your name to the new event calendar here on the web site.   The scope is then yours for the night.  First make sure that night is free by checking the calendar.

Recent Events: Out Reach at the Powell Place: Diane presented cosmic distances; Peri presented meteors and comets; Todd presented solar system creation.The last meeting, July 27th we had What’s-Up, with a new map of Scorpio, and a few of it’s targets.    The sky was clear and temperature was Warm with the summer triangle high in the sky.   Peri and I ended the night with a beautiful view of Andromeda.

Note: The club may hold impromptu star parties from time to time, so please watch your email for notifications.